Puerto Escondido, the surfing capital of Mexico

Discover the charm of the surroundings of the Hotel Macondito Puerto Escondido

The Hotel Macondito Puerto Escondido is located in a privileged location, just a step away from the Principal Beach, in the heart of one of the most vibrant and exciting destinations in Mexico. Puerto Escondido, known as "The surfing capital of Mexico", is the perfect place for those looking to experience the adrenaline to the fullest and enjoy an impressive natural environment. Here, the sea, the waves and the adventurous spirit combine to offer you a unique and unforgettable experience.

Dream beaches for surf lovers

Puerto Escondido is famous for its beaches with big waves, ideal for surfing. Marinero Beach and Zicatela Beach are two of the main meeting points for surfers from all over the world.

Zicatela Beach, in particular, is known for its challenging waves and has been the scene of numerous international surfing competitions. If you are passionate about surfing or just want to try it for the first time, this is the perfect place for you. Local surf schools offer classes for all levels, from beginner to advanced, ensuring everyone can enjoy this exciting activity.

In addition to surfing, the beaches of Puerto Escondido offer a wide variety of activities to enjoy. From swimming in the crystal clear waters to relaxing on the golden sand, every day at the beach can be a new adventure. Playa Principal is perfect for families and friends looking for a quiet place to spend the day, while Playa Marinero offers a livelier atmosphere with options to practice water sports and enjoy the vibrant coastal life.

Local culture and gastronomy

At the end of a day full of adventures at sea, we invite you to explore the charming streets of Puerto Escondido. This picturesque coastal town is full of color and life, with markets and craft shops showcasing the talents of local artisans. The streets are filled with unique and authentic products, from handmade jewelry to traditional textiles.

Gastronomy is another of the great attractions of Puerto Escondido. Local cuisine is a delicious mix of flavors and traditions, offering a wide variety of dishes that will delight your palate. From fresh seafood to typical regional dishes, such as mole and tlayudas, each meal is an opportunity to discover new flavors and enjoy local hospitality.

Live the magic of Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido is not just a destination, it is an experience full of magic and passion for extreme sports and nature. Here, every day offers you the opportunity to live a new adventure, whether surfing the imposing waves of Zicatela, exploring the natural wonders of the region or simply relaxing on the beautiful beaches.

Our environment invites you to connect with nature and local culture. Enjoy sunset walks on the beach, explore the rich biodiversity of the surrounding area, or participate in local festivities that celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Puerto Escondido. Every moment here is full of possibilities to discover and enjoy.

The Hotel Macondito Puerto Escondido awaits you to give you the best experience in this coastal paradise. Come and experience the capital of surfing, feel the adrenaline of the waves, discover the cultural richness of its streets and let yourself be captivated by the magic of Puerto Escondido. Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy the grandeur of this incredible place and create unforgettable memories!

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