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Family and couples accommodation in Oaxaca

Explore Oaxaca in Macondo Arte, a family and romantic accommodation, immerse yourself in its culture and history

In the vibrant heart of Oaxaca, where the cobblestone streets are steeped in history and tradition, lies our peaceful sanctuary: Macondo Arte Oaxaca. We are more than just a accommodation; we are an oasis of comfort, luxury and culture, designed to captivate the senses and feed the soul of our guests.

Explore the magic and charm of Oaxaca

A cultural and natural jewel in the heart of Mexico. From vibrant markets full of unique crafts to renowned gastronomy.

Surrounded by magnificent mountain landscapes and ancient Zapotec ruins, Oaxaca offers an unforgettable experience for lovers of culture, nature and adventure.

Oaxaca awaits you!

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